Less Is More

  We , people, differ from eachother with many things. The way we think, our  likes and dislikes, the point of view we have… And our priorities are perhaps one of the most important things that makes us different from others. Our concerns, daily issues we deal with , the plans we have for future are all different and are affected by the place we live, our life standards ect. Studies have shown that in the countries with high life standards and high development levels, people are more often dealing with anxiety and pressure. Isn’t there a lopsidedness? And why is this originated?

   As we know, people living in countries with high development levels have high expectations from life. They always want to go further. They want more and this usually causes pressure and stress. And not obtaining their desires makes them upset and anxious. They have an ordinate set of lives and they feel the  great urge to be perfect. This is usually a good thing that ispires and motivates people but it too much of it causes pain in life.

The reasons for people to have anxiety in those kind of countries are not all because of their way of thoughts and living but they are also from the disadvantages grown countries have. There can be given many examples to these reasons like overpopulation, traffic problems, unemployment caused by overpopulation ect… These all have effects on people and can differ from situation to situation.

To come to the reasons why people living in countries with less development levels and life standards are happier, it is simple. They live simple. They don’t have concerns about many things compared with the people in grown countries. They don’t have high expectations so being happy and blessed is easier for them. They don’t have much thing to lose so they don’t get stressed about those kind of issues. Life is easier, simpler and maybe more enjoyable. Instead of burdening theirselves with various kinds of problems to deal, they focus on the things they have. They have less, so it is not a struggle for them to realise they have things worth being happy.

To come to a conclusion, in my point of view, i agree with the studies shown. It think less can be more in some situations. Instead of having a garish but hard life to live while dealing with various issues, i would prefer a more plain but enjoyable life.

As a person who lives in a partly developed country, i usually struggle understanding happiness. Sometimes the things we find important and pick our priorities based ond them doesn’t actually have a significant role in our livings. Annihilating them may be better for us. So less will become more for us.

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