Let Them Go

There is a sentence that I can not erase from my mind. “If somebody want to walk out of your life, let them go. Especially if you know you did everything you can do, you have sat around and been the best man or the best woman you can be and they still want to go? Let them go ”

Since 2018 I can not stop thinking him for one minute. When I am trying to sleep suddenly some of the memories come up to my mind. There is only one thing to do is forget him. But how?

Waking up early makes me angry all day. Today is that day because of my mum I woke up early. I have to wear my school uniforms and have breakfast only in 5 minutes. The custom in my family is having smallest argument until leaving home. In my estimation, my family is the most argumentative family in all topics. While I am leaving my home I saw a boy who was familiar to me.He reminds “what is love”. After looking eye-to-eye he came and said that he wants to talk with me. After his begging i said that when we fell in love you made so many mistakes that can not accept to continue our love. But my heart is stil broken. Now if i say “of course we can talk” i can give guarantee that i will regret. While i am talking i melt into tears.


Never giving second chance to anyone can help to care ourselves more. Do not accept anything which makes you sad later. If you want to make someone sad stop loving him or her.Do not feel yourself shy. You can do whatever you want. If someone makes you distraught or heartbroken do not keep him or her in your life.

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