Let’s Give it a Try

Global warming is one of the most important issues of the world. Even though almost everyone knows what is global warming, unfortunately only a small amount of the population gives attention to this topic.   

According to NOAA’s 2020 Annual Climate Report, the global temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees Celsius per decade since 1880 as a result of greenhouse gas emissions and other factors. The average rate of the temperature has increased twice as much since 1981 when we compared it with the data taken in 2020 by NOAA. Many people say that 0.8 is not a significant number. Despite the rate seeming to be so small, many marine creatures and land creatures have vanished from the world as a result of this small number.


Experts claim that we people are not able to stop climate change overnight, but there’s still time to stop or reduce climate change, and they want people to give attention to this issue. If we will stop car

bon emissions, it will be possible for the atmosphere to clean the excess amount of carbon dioxide in time with natural processes. Furthermore, before the harmful gases vanish from the atmosphere, the temperature of the world would continue to increase for a few decades and after that, the excess amount of heat would radiate out to the space. If we won’t take the needed actions before it becomes too late, the global temperature will increase from 2.5 °C to 4.5 °C according to the latest estimates.  

The main and only reason of the global issue is people. Regrettably, the general of the population does not prefer to take any action against this vital issue. Since a little part of the population chooses to protect their environment, global warming is so far from being obviated. Then our only hope is the youth of today and future generations, those who can make the world a better place. We should educate children in order to take novelties for the sake of our world. We should teach children to do not repeat the mistakes of the adults, and old generations. We should educate them to take care of their one and only home. 

Saving energy at home, choosing low-energy consumed products, using eco-friendly materials shouldn’t be inconvenient for people. We should turn them into habits by taking little steps, rather than postponing them by saying, “Others don’t do it either, so what’s the point of me doing it?”; before expressing this sentence, we should consider the individuals who are trying to prevent or minimize the consequences of climate change.

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