Let’s Start the Holiday

I have been tired after a whole year. I got up at 06.00 am and I went to school. Nine lessons for every day,homeworks,exams and other works made me so tired. So, I deserved an excellent summer holiday. I think my holiday will be enjoyable and exciting. I presented my program above.






Izmir is one of the most beatiful cities in Turkey. It has a breath-taking nature and an attractive history. Its seas and relaxing beaches are worthseeing. My grandparents are living there. So, I am going to visit them while I am enjoying the oppurtinities of Izmir. Also I am going to celebrate the “Kurban Bayramı” with my family,aunt,uncle and my grandparents. It is the best to spend the special days with your family. I hope to have a good time.






I am planning to go to Ören, in Milas, Muğla after staying two weeks in Izmir. Ören is another beatiful touristic attraction with its natural habitat and pretty nice forests. You can have a good time among the cacaphony of the bird chirps. You can get rid of the stress of daily life by reading book with relaxing wave sounds. Also it is a suitable place to see cute caretta carettas. Especially, the night life of the Ören is very enjoyable. I am going to stay there approximately three weeks.






Lastly, I am going to go to Antalya. Actually, Antalya is a crowded city. With expensive products, dense population it is hard place to live and spend your holiday. But there are lots of water sports oppurtinities such as canoeing, kayaking and etc. Also there are some courses which teach you how to do these sports basicly. I will join a team project which tries to plant new trees and prevent deforasation. I want to increase awareness of other people.




After a memorable and an amusing summer holiday, I will return Ankara. I am going to get prepared  to the new school term. New books, new clothes and getting ready to the stressful and tiring year by mentally. I wish to collect magnificent memories.

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