pen and letters


Dear son,

Today is the 12th of December 1992. The weather is cloudy, but I don’t like cloudy weathers. I can hear you asking “Why?” from here. Well, because it reminds me of the past mistakes that I’ve done, the past that I don’t even want to think at all. Ah, your dad is just thirty-two years old, but the years have made him feel like he’s much older. But anyway, it doesn’t really matter right now because you came. I remember the day you were born as if it was yesterday, the first time that I got you in my arms, your little face and hands that were moving around and trying to explore everything. But especially your ocean blue eyes were something else, when you look at them, they were taking you to somewhere else other than this world and you could just watch them forever. They were magical. It’s obvious that you got that feature from your mother, because i had the same feeling when I first looked at her. She was like a poem, loyal, delicate, kind, and every feature of hers were like the unique words of the poem which were the actual things that were beautifying it. Sometimes I can’t even understand how she fell in love with a guy as basic as me. But for sure, I am grateful for it. The years that we’ve spent together was the best years of my life, every day was like another movie, and I really wish I could go back but I just can’t. I also wish I could see you guys again, I really missed both of you. My time is limited so I need to come to an end as soon as possible. Okay, so I know it will be boring but as your father, I want to give you some advice about life. First of all, please live your life to it is the fullest, enjoy every second and be thankful that you’re alive. Second and last of all is, don’t forget that your perception of life can become your reality…

– Your dad
 -Your dad.

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