Liberal Democracy

Recently, in the political science literature, about democracy and democratization. The discussions increased and headed in a different direction. The focus of the discussion is populism rises in liberal democracies and populist politicians gain power. In addition, many democratic governments have shifted towards authoritarianism. There are many allegations against it. In this study, the allegations in question approached. Today, many politicians in Western countries are foreigners.It is clear that he used a discourse based on hostility and Islamophobia. In parallel with this. There is a process in which political freedoms are restricted compared to the past. However, it is not correct to see this emerging problem as the stalemate of liberal democracy. These anti-democratic approaches are the cause of the economic and economic problems experienced on a world scale.closely related to the social crisis. From this crisis period, liberal democracy has become stronger and stronger. Andit could be argued lots of the time.
In the history of political ideas, many thinkers have been living in an orderly and.It is clear that he is pursuing the ideal of a society governed by laws. Again most by the thinker as the basis to maintain order and adherence to the law. Element is considered to be virtue. To expand the formula a little more. We can say that: According to political philosophers, the more virtuous people in society increase, the stronger an order can be established. from virtuous people. For the emergence of a social structure that is formed, the manager must first be determined among the most virtuous. In this way, ruled by the most virtuous and more and more virtuous people as a result of their policies. A social order is idealized. Different models have been proposed for the establishment and preservation of the social and political structure in question, in a line extending from the ancient philosophers of political philosophy to modern times. There are two issues that are assumed to be incompatible with the understanding of virtue-based management. The political regime, on the other hand, is tyranny with no real need for rules and. It is a democracy that does not always trust the qualifications and competencies of the administrators. Indeed, for many philosophers, beginning with Ancient Greece, democracy. It has had a negative connotation, and that is why it has been a disgrace of democracy for almost two millennia, from its implementation in Athens to the modern period. It is not mentioned as an ideal model. Already after the emergence of Christianity
Then the Papacy gradually took the political sphere under its control, democracy. It is quite far from an understanding that the people, which is at the base of the logic of logic, will be accepted both as a source of legitimacy and as an administrator. The damage of populism and authoritarianism to democratic culture. It is necessary to constantly consider the potential of it. However, at the same time, it is possible to say that there are opportunities to serve the strengthening of democracy by producing the opposite result. Because the environment of discussion in the democratic system is as peaceful as exclusionary ideas. It will also ensure the dissemination of ideas advocating the culture of living together in society. In a peaceful environment where differences coexist the cost of living for people is lower than in a conflict environment; the benefit will be higher. Thus, anti-democratic thoughts in it will be marginalized for good; Those who defend democracy will put aside their differences and meet in democratic values. Moreover, even if populist movements came to power, their policies could be expected to be softer than the discourse they used in the opposition. Likewise, all these discussions point out the shortcomings of democracies and It is also functional in terms of seeing erroneous results. Therefore, criticisms of the system will bring along democratization steps that will ensure the elimination of these deficiencies. From this point of view, in terms of the development of democracy, this whole process It can be said that it has an instructive aspect and, in the final analysis, democracy will emerge from this process by gaining strength.

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