Liberate Your Ideas

People were believing some things from the beginning of their lives and since their existence. But were they wrong? Do believing to something just making us weak and slave?


With today’s technology, we can learn or achieve whatever we want. We can learn global information about foreign countries and their culture. And this internet and technology make us powerful. Faith is a very long termed concept and because of it, we must look at the past to for a proper comparison both past and present.


At the old times, when the technology was weak and there were no internet, the life was harder. Average human life was too low because of medical issues that sometimes doctors cannot know your illness and they cannot cure you because of the lack of the medication. Communication was weak. People can get news from their relatives who are abroad weeks maybe months later. There were some wars which were more brutal. People fight for more or defend their land and family with full of effort. Rights weren’t developed as today. In the most of the countries, women were in bad situation and they have not too much rights. And we can say nearly nothing were equal.


People had so many problems and their life were not comfortable at all. As a result of it, most of the people wanted to believe something. Something that can save them from these bad situations. And they live with hope of their faith and believe sometimes. People create some statues for worship them in some religions, but sometimes they worship to a god which they cannot define. We can say that easily from these actions, people need to believe something for live happily and hopefully.


I think believing a religion don’t enslave a person, on the contrary, believing liberates people. I accept that most of the religions have some rules that people must do and cannot to them. But that rules keep people healthy and keep them legal. Most of the rules of religions match with ethic rules. So I say that people can be happier with believing a religion. They can feel them self to belong a community. They need to a support for themselves.


Believing is not a block for development. We can give the Ottoman Empire at the Mediaeval. Ottoman Empire developed itself by developing technology and inventing new things. And Ottoman Empire’s official religion is Islam.


In Conclusion, believing don’t limit persons and it is not a block for development. People believing for live happier and believing is a need for people.

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