Life.. Life is kind of harsh when you the things without order. Life can be mean, can be difficult, ununderstandable; life can be everything but equality.

We are living in this world doing his job, her job, he wants this, she said you have to do this… Basically, it is not your safe place even your home is not because you are the employee of everyone. Not even an employee, you are the slave. You are miserable. You are in this world to do other people’s stuff.

You have to break that cycle and be yourself. Do the things just for yourself, not anyone else. You should live just and only for yourself.Key to happiness: Savouring every morsel of life…even the boring bits - Academy of Empowered Leaders

Life is just too short to do the things you do not like and pretend that is okay. Also, tolerate the people. When you get big enough, you will start to realize it is not worth it any condition to do the things for others; to care what will they think about it, about you. It is just you know, too short. You should go have fun, do whatever you want but in a condition that if your actions will not hurt anybody. If you hurt or do disturbing things for other, that will not count as freedom.

Do not get me wrong, life is not just for fun but of course there should be fun, there should be emotions. Then what would be the thing that differs us from robots, right? There are also responsibilities you should do. You have to understand and provide the balance between them.

It is difficult, even maybe impossible to find the meaning of life. Some people say your aim in living is to find the meaning of life. To be honest I respectfully do not agree with it. There is no point in it. Life does not have to contain meaning. And also what is the next move after finding it, even if it is possible, are you going to wait till death comes? Some people already waiting for it. Sorry but that is the truth. This is not a happy world, it never was. There is no flowers all over the ground. I do not think there is a point in living. But you know, except searching for the meaning of life I think the aim is to live. That is harder. You need so many things to live. Nobody told me this was going to be easy. That is life…

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