Life Can’t Accept Mistakes

”The existence of an individual human being or animal.” This is the definition of the word ”life”. Life is just  about living for some people however life means enjoyment and achieving aims to some group of people. In anyways life is short and life has a limited time.

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Life is too short to tolerate some mistakes. A mistake can cause enormous changes. For example a mistake can take your life, job and other crucial things. So we cannot tolarate some mistakes. If I would give an example it would be a cliche but imagine you are driving a car. For a second you looked at your phone which disturbed you. While you are focusing on your phone you crashed to another car. It can be either a big accident or a small one. But in anyway you will lose something.

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This example had big results such as losing money or even your life. Now, I want to give a simple example which proves life cannot tolerate mistakes. Think that you are in an exam which will effect your total average. If you don’t focus on your exam and make lots of mistakes of course this exam will effect your marks in a negative way, even you can fail on that subject.

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Of course people can make mistakes and not every mistake is crucial for your life but some mistakes can’t be tolerated. Some mistakes can be ignored or it’s results can be temporary. In my opinion the key point is to learn about from your mistakes. Sometimes life can be brutal and can’t accept mistakes so life has no tolerance to mistakes.


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