Plot: Life is too short to tolerate resentment and being offended.

We, humans are social and emotional beings. We communicate with other people. Communication
starts within our family first; then it continues with our childhood or school friends and the people
we met outside in social places. As we grow up, these relationships sometimes extend to friendships
or fraternities. In this way, we support each other in good and bad times. Because everyone needs
each other.

As we grow up, we feel the need to establish warmer relationships with our friends and relatives.
Because we want to give strength to each other and be in solidarity against the difficulties of life.
However, sometimes, friendships might be broken up due to misunderstood acts or an accidental
words or speeches. People can unintentionally offend or offend each other.

Sometimes, we may say “I’ll never talk to you again.”. But most of the time, when person thinks
about carefully what he/she did, it realizes its mistake and even regrets. As a result, he/she only
thinks that “I wish… I wish I hadn’t said… I wish I hadn’t…” with irretrievable regrets.

However, the fast-paced life that we ​​live is not long enough to have such regrets. Instead of making
easier our life which is full of difficulties, making it more difficult with regrets exhaust us. The most important point here is to avoid behaviors that we will regret. Because life is so short that we can’t
get angry with each other and even make up for our resentments.

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