Life On Other Planet

The current World population approached almost 8 million. Because of this, these days most of the people is try to new things to reduce the population. Some of them think like ‘the human population can not decrease because of nature and some of them think like ‘there is a way to reduce the population.’And some scientists think that there is no permanent solution to reducing the population, so they’re doing deep research to find a permanent solution.

Nowadays, scientists and businessmen find that moving to another planet can be a permanent solution. So they research planets like earth. Because very few planets are known(such as Earth) with an atmosphere suitable for human life. Earth has many opportunities for us and for living things. For example the air conditions, the sources, the gases we need..and lots of things. But with today’s technology people couldn’t find a planet like Earth. Maybe in the future or (soon), people can find a planet like Earth.

It is debatable whether it is right for a developed country like America to invest so much money in space technology but America is doing this to own people to continue the human population. To me, there is nothing bad about it. For example Russia, its space technology developed too.İf they do not work hard about space there would be no solution to maintain the population. It cannot be good for people and the human population in general for countries to consume their earnings to make their own people happy without considering the human future. If countries quickly run out of resources in the world for their people, the people in other countries will not have enough resources, and it means that we prepare our end faster. In such a case, countries should support each other and take a precaution by considering all people.

Like Stephan Hawking said climate change means grave for the people. Since the industrial revolution, we humans have tried to do a lot about climate change, but the world is now irreversible due to population growth and human pollution. Some people believe that maybe there is a returning to the back, but scientists saying that it is too late to return to the past. Even if we go back to the past, factors such as resources will limit life on earth.


So my opinion is all countries and peoples unite and find a way for the future. We should try every path to find a solution to sustainable living. If necessary, people should limit their lives and think about their future and children.

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