Limits and Freedom

Discipline is freedom because if you are disciplined you can control your time and that leads to having lots of free time to spend by doing the things that you have fun. For example playing computer games or going outside with your friends instead of watching your friends stories in social media platforms that they are having a lot of fun while you are doing your homework on the last day.

Discipline is freedom because if you have a disciplined coworker you would know his or her next move and when you know what your coworkers would next do you would feel free when you are working with that person. It`s the same with your manager if you have a disciplined manager you would know that, that person would not be unequal and you would enjoy your job more. It´s the same with your school administration when you have a disciplined administration you would know what you have to do in what time, how much homework you would have in the holidays and when the teacher would check your homework.

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Discipline is freedom because when you have a disciplined governance you would also have laws and if you have laws you would also have security and if you have security you would feel safe. For example when you have a disciplined governance in your neighborhood you will feel save at the nights when you go outside.

Discipline is freedom because for people to act together discipline is a need. In places that there is discipline there is also limits and everybody is free in their own limits.


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