Limits of Damage

Environmental issues, climate crisis and global warmingare topics we, as all people, are currently facing. They generaly refer to rises in earths average temperature in a long period of time. This change effects our lives even more directly then we may think. For instance, as it is a change of climates, we do not observe the expected weather conditions according to seasons. It also effects the rainfall and many more due to these.

Even though some parts of the World has been dealing with these problems for longer than the others, unfortunately it is a global issue in todays world. Therefore we must take actions as a whole. Those countries and societies who started dealing with these issues before and tried out many different possible solutions. One of the first regions to take action was Cape Town/ Africa. Their main problem was water shortage due to the decreasing amounts of rainfall in the area. As for their solution, they assigned a zero day, when they would have gotten rid of shortage even if for a limited amount of time. Until that day, every single person living in Cape Town had a limit of 25 liters of water daily. As of now, this project does not continiue but there has been some documentaries made about the subject by National Geographic. In the documentary, they carried out an experiment with some Turkish society figures and unfortunately the conclusion it that this can not be a durable solution.

So the question is, what kind of a settlement can we provide that can bring a permanent solution? A governmental supervision makes sense in a way to have control over things, but putting a limit on our sources have way too many negative affects. Instead of limiting how much we can use of the crucial matters for our life, how about we put a limit on the waste materials we produce in each household. That way we can start iving more sustainably. As a result, we would have gotten our carbon footprints and water footprints. Consequencially we would decrease the amount of damage we do to the environment. But as I have already mentioned before, these kinds of actions have to be taken globally so there could be a pact signed by all governments to make this happen.

In order to save our future, we first need to save our world.

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