Actually, most of the time we direct our lives according to other people. We care so much about what people think. Personally, I don’t have a lot of things that I can’t do because of caring what other people think. But many people have, so let’s talk about these things.

1- Having piercings and tattoos

Many people are judging other people by looking at a person’s tattoo or piercing. It’s poor that people judge other people by piercing or tattoo. Actually, getting pierced is a deeply personal choice, and the only one who needs to love your piercing is you. However, many of us struggle with the idea of people judging us because of our fashion choices.  It may seem ridiculous that in 2022, people still care about the way that you choose to decorate yourself, but the fact is that you might receive some judgement.

2-  Some jobs,

Especially in Turkey and the countries which are close to Turkey. There are a lot of biases in designers-designing jobs. They pretend that the only important job is to be a doctor or any numeral job. We shouldn’t think about what other people say about OUR job. It’s your OWN job. It belongs to you. No one has the right to comment about your job and decide which job you are going to choose and do.

The desire to be accepted is one of the most needs of human beings. But because of this desire, you are in an extreme state and any of your actions are repeated over and over. These are just a few examples, we shouldn’t care what people think and we should do what we want. Otherwise, we can’t live our lives as we wish.

Do not be negatively affected by those people around you  It's hard to get it to be considered for consideration.
 When this is the case, it is not explained to you, it attracts your attention.



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