Loneliness:Loudness of Thoughts Within The Silence of Society

Loneliness is a polysemous word which is similar to a wind as sometimes a windy weather can be depicted as a storm in winter and also as a breath of fresh air with its cold touch in summer.Even though eager for loneliness can change from time to time depending on the state of mind,some people say that being alone is nothing different than a meaningless life.However,can our purpose in life only be limited and identified by who we stand next to and not through our own identities?

A person is made of shattered pieces of all feelings coming together in a mind filled with numerous thoughts.People around us seem to make us feel all these emotions throughout our whole life.So most of the time, some emotions seem to get too loud due to the actions of people which silences our thoughts.Deafening voices of emotions corrupted by the people does not allow us to think healthily nearly all the time.In addition,according to a study,people who are spending more time alone seem to correlate with highly creative people.In fact,the default network in your brain ,the part in charge of memory and social cognition, actually changes when you are alone and the area linked with imagination strengthens,which turns all the arguments about solitude erasing the meaning out of life to be completely groundless.

Devouring emotions which are driven by criticism and constant need of approval could be linked to society of today.Fitting into a group always requires some changes to yourself inasmuch as differences in personalities and behaviours grow some insecurities and concerns in ourselves,resulting in a fabrication attitude rooted in a confined mind full of  solicitude.This diseased mind will not be able to operate as it will be too concerned about others’ problem that it will not be able to focus on its own problems.This can bring nothing but sadness to the person and that is why loneliness is the only way to cure your wounds left from the wild pace of life.Although human beings crave a sense of belonging,loneliness can be the best way to meet the needs of your soul and forge a connection with others through their feelings in words,dance,singing,acting etc.

Nonetheless,some people still claim that loneliness is the only feeling that no one should experience ever in their lives.There is no denying that we live our lives by interacting with each other,however,it doesn’t mean that our interactions with ourselves is less important than our interactions with other people.Also,having interactions with a person allows us to appreciate someone by making them valuable,which turns our interactions within ourselves into a necessity to unearth the undiscovered part of ourselves.

When we throw light on the argument,it is clear that loneliness is not an act of misery,it is an act of understanding yourself by building up a personality which is not identified through the word “society”.



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