Long White Blazer

Where was I? What was going on? I was so thirsty. I had opened my eyes and saw a dead body infront of me. And now I only had one question: Did I do this? I have short term memory loss that means I can not remember recent thingd that had happened to me. The body was wearing a white long blazer and a white pretty pant. They were not white anymore tho. They were red; dark, scary, blood red.

I started checking the pockets of the blazer and pant so thet maybe I could find something about the murder. There was an address written on a paper. I could barely read it but I figured it all out. 97. Baker’s Street. I got on a taxi and I told the driver the address. He started driving and I put the paper in my pocket. When I got off suddenly I could not remember why I was there or where I was. I had to find my phone. I reached into my pocket and found a piece of papaer. It had an address written on it.

Maybe I was here right now so I ringed the bell. A beautiful lady opened the door for me. She asked ”How may I help you?” and she seemed kinda anxious. I replied ”Umm… Actually I think this is the wrong place. Sorry for disturbing have a nice day.” because I had nothing to say. She was about to close the door but she asked ”Umm have you seen someone dressed up exactly like me, we were supposed to have a show with her but she suddenly dissappeared.”. She was wearing a long white blazer and white pretty pants. Then I suddenly flashbacked the dead body. I replied ”No sorry.” and basically ran away.

I can not remember where I found the body but I went to the police center. I had explained everyting and I made them check my pone calls when I called for a taxi. They detected where the phone call made from and went there. They found the body and examined it. They detekted the when the death occured and it was12.34 p.m. I kinda relaxed because I have sessions with my therapist every day from 12.00 to 13.00 p.m. So I can not be the murderer. They checked the security cameras of mt therapists room and I was there. I was not the killer! Then who was it?

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