If you commit a crime in order to feed a hungry child, does it make you a bad person? Or do you commit a crime out of necessity?

It is the judge’s opinion. If judge says “This is the important thing, you commited a very bad crime,” maybe you can go to the prison or money punishment. But if the judge says “you did a very beautiful thing for the child,” maybe you won’t go to the prison. Maybe your child is so hungry and you have a poor family. And you stole bread for your child. In law there is the commuted punishment. This punishment is for these crime types. It means maybe this human stole bread and this crime’s punishment is equal to 2 years in prison, but this person steals bread for his child, yeah? Commuted punishment comes here: This person’s punishment is 2 years but in this law he/she takes 1 year prison punishment.


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