Looking for the Reasons

The whole world was silent. Was I the only one who was hearing the screams of help? Everybody was on their way to their oh-so-important job while ignoring all of the chaos going around. Screaming children, crying homeless citizens, arguing drivers, and so on. What were these voices sounding like they were going to burst my head open? Why everyone was so desperate in the situation of now? Why could not just all of the silence for a moment and look around? However, everyone was all about their own problems and was trying to get done the thing they should do in the time. The world was collapsing in front of their eyes and we were not even breaking a sweat to do something. Human beings liked the chaos, we liked what we have created since we had no other choice but to embrace what we have done.
Who is going to pay for the pressure the future created on the shoulders of teenagers and young adults? How we were going to pay for the time they spent working and working in “the best times” of their lives? All of those years spent studying and getting advanced in the classes were sure efficient for future jobs. However, we were unable to teach them how to be successful in the real life. Many of them did not know how to do taxes and handle bills on their own. Most of them did not even know what they are really passionate about. They have just chosen one of the most possible ones for them to work at full capacity. They were utilitarian for the sake of the things they actually did not want to do. They were utensils, puppets for the system¸they accepted the most important things that make us humans, emotions, were all chemical reactions. The top made them think they had no right to have at least one day off for their psychological health since it was being “weak”.
What were all these for? Was it for a better world with only robots spending their lives thinking about how to bring up the papers till the deadline? Was it for our next adult generation, who will also take care of the new generation coming, to be all about their assignments without never knowing what is beyond them? Was it for our children to only do the writing practice their teacher told them to when they have never tasted what it was like to walk under the rain or step on the dry leaves in the autumn enjoying the crashing voices? Why were not let ourselves have some fun in the little time we have in this pity land?

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