Looking “Out” For The Real Solution

It is quite possible that we are on the brink of a crisis unprecedented in the history of the human race going back tens of thousands of years. The yield, which remained stagnant until the Industrial Revolution, has reached an all-time peak in the last 200 years. It is getting more and more difficult to meet the raw material needs of the human population, which has achieved a tremendous growth with the effect of breakthrough inventions in technology. In a world, which has limited resources, it may be possible to find the resources that will need to be provided for infrastructure, settlement, and other projects in the future, perhaps in the depths of space. How useful will this solution be for human beings who do not yet have enough technology for space mining?

Countless asteroids in every corner of space contain tons of valuable resources. It is almost impossible to bring these resources out of their places and bring them to Earth with current technology. Perhaps, with enough perseverance and hard work, it is possible to prevent the fact that we have not reached the right place yet, and the need for raw materials that will grow to the size of a mountain when piled up endlessly. The cost of space mining is a factor that will interest experts in the implementation phase. The construction of rockets capable of carrying certain amounts of payload, going from the earth to the atmosphere and from there to the depths of space and back, complex calculations, and overcoming the costs that are not easy to meet; only a small part of the obstacle ahead. The current global problems that we are already dealing with are another obstacle in our way.

According to the resources we have, it will be a huge milestone for all of humanity if we are able to illuminate the long difficult road ahead, with a new step taken for space mining. With the new technologies we will develop, we can make the human race an interplanetary species by going into the depths of space. Getting what we need is not a dream but a sweet reward for hard work. It is very likely that we will encounter overwhelming and discouraging difficulties in this process for the sake of reaching the sweet reward. Even if space mining is a distant picture, it is certainly not a goal that cannot be achieved under the right conditions.

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