Loss of a Nation

A nation’s history is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.A nation would be missing without its history.Signs of history can be observed in historical buildings,cultures and languages.However,it is currently tried to replace the historic buildings with modern buildings.So should we let them plough their own furrow just to get them to gain more money?

Even though ethnographers throw light on the importance of the history to identify a culture,some people still insist on modernization of buildings by trying to make people bury the memory of importance of culture to the societies throughout the history.Not only do they make their history fade away by demolishing historical buildings but also they are wiping out a mine of information.If we dig deeper into the argument,it becomes impossible to deny that replacing these buildings will not be anything different from a pain of the memories lying in the ruins of a civilization.

On the other hand,people who are on the other side of the fence claim that it will attract more tourist to the city and is an opportunity to gain more money.When all the facts come to light,they illuminate that it will increase unemployment as many people who are working to maintain the structure of historical buildings will become unemployed,which turns all the fabrication about modern buildings’ economical contributions to be completely groundless.

In conclusion,replacing historical buildings with modern buildings is nothing but a skeleton in the closet built on shattered history of a society.It is your choice to raise children within a bunch of polished bricks which costed culture of a civilization or raise them with the history still living around them to be passed into another generation who are aware of their culture.


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