Lost Bag

Sun rises and I got wake up. I washed my face and prepared some foods for breakfast. I sat to my wooden chair and ate my breakfast. I prepared my bag for my work. I am a software engineer and I need to go my work for five days of the week. I was ready for going to work. Then I open my door I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. There were lots of money in the bag there. Firstly I got shocked and think for five minutes. I was thinking do I need to report this unknown money to the police or keep the money and keep this as a secret. After thinking I choosed keeping this as a secret can be a good choice. I took the money inside my house and call my boss that I can’t work today. I started to count all of the money. There was like one million dollars. I felt excited and guilty. I felt guilty because I don’t own this money. But this money could help me to live better. After that I saw that someone has lost his a million dollar in the news. I feel really bad because that lost million dollar can be the money that I found in front of my door. After thinking for 2 or more hours I called the police that I find million dollar in front of my door. They came to my house with the moneys owner. When the moneys owner saw me he was smiling. He got really excited. He explained me why he lost his money. He drunk so much then he drop his bag in front of my door but he didn’ realized that after that he went to his home and sleep. In the morning he realizes that his bag isn’t there. After that he call the police than he said he lost his bag and can’t find it anywhere but in one day he found his bag. After that he gives me some money because of that gentlemen behaviour.

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