Lost in Mind

 I was walking lonely on the street that is quiet as a church mouse when snowflakes was falling down gravely. Just a dog I never saw before hereabouts, was accompanying me when I was chilled to the marrow and I’m pretty sure it was same for the dog. I didn’t know how I was going to get home, it made me feel like the street was never going to end as I continued to walk through. As the time went by, It seemed like the road was literally immense and as I walked, got close to the end, I felt like I went to the drawing board… 

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 As you know, I was still on the road, finally I washed that feeling off myself and I literally came to end this time. But, again a problem- there was just a door at the end of the road, I started getting bored. Maybe, it was only the beggining, I hoped it wasn’t. Then, there wasn’t a obstacle for me to open the door. I was missing some of my buttons as I went through the door since it led up to toweringly hallway. Not long before, I realized that I could control what I saw, heard and lived through. However, it wasn’t that simple to do it. I tried a lot to do that and I succeed finally, even though I couldn’t able to maintain the situation. The new successive doors that open to new successive halways was appearing in my presence.

Endless Hallway by tenebre1079 on DeviantArt

 I didn’t understand what was happening and got confused. Besides a jarring sound was started to play in my head when I was feeling I was really close to the last door. Finally, that magnificent door appeared in front of my eyes which I was impatient to open. I opened it slowly and had a look to other side of the door equivocally. The one thing that i faced with was a huge grey, concrete wall. Unbelievable! I encountered with a wall after all the  distance that I covered. Seriously, my eyes were playing tricks on me.  

German man opens his front door, finds a brick wall was built overnight - New York Daily News

 After a while, all the colors and objects around me started to become blurred,I got dizzy and saw a bright and white light beam. It was the lighthing fixture in a huge  operating room full of medical equipments and some devices, I hope  them to be medical, that are not used frequently and I never saw before…

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