Lost Toy

I went lots of cities and countries all through my life. Most of them is really pretty places, but some of them is trouble for me because sometimes bad things can happen. I have one journey that I’m never forget and now I want to get across in this writing. It is happened in Istanbul.

Last time I went to Istanbul it was my worst journey in my life. Because I lost my favorite toy. Maybe its funny, but I’m really sick at heart on it. When I was a 7 years old, I bought it in Spain and I crazy on it. Its color was white and it has really big blue eyes. Actually its seal. My seal size like 40 cm like that, but ı never measure it before that’s secret. Oh!, I forgot to say my seal name, its name is Pfy. When I bought that I am just view it and after a while I noticed its have a card on it. I just analyzed in a short time and I recognize it is ID card. Every details written on it.

One month ago I went to istanbul for my sister exam. I went there with my family and my Pfy. We go there for 3 or 4 days. firs day we went in a some hotel an we stay 1 night. While we stay in that hotel employees was really sad and angry, we don’t know why. we just be uncomfortable in that hotel and we want to changed. In second day in the morning, we changed the hotel.We get all staff except Pfy. yes, I forgot my Pfy in the hotel. ı called them after we leaved the hotel and they told me “Okay we will find your seal, don’t worry.” After the 4 hours ı come back to that hotel and they said “we couldn’t find it.” after that I am just started to cry and leaved.

after this journey I’m can’t see my Pfy and its my worst travel in my life.

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