Have you ever heard about lucid dreaming. I think it is something incredible because it makes possible to do whatever you want in your dreams.  It might look so good and fun to do but it is dangerous at the same time. Because some people are directly trying to do some dangerous things that makes your heart beat faster. Because of that when your heart starts to beat so fast suddenly bad things might happen. And if something happens that scares you something like falling down from an tower, that might cause a heart attack. When I lucid dreamed for the first time I thought that it was real but after that some crazy things that wouldn’t happen in the real world happened so my heart started to beat faster. Then when I woke up and found out that my brain was playing with me. When I woke up I was sweating, luckily I did not go so far. After that night I learned my lesson and didn’t try dangerous things. So at last Lucid dreaming is fun if you don’t try dangerous things.

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