Mad Queen

I know what my father was.What he did.I know the Mad King earned his name.This was the truth about my father.When he was ruling seven kingdoms he create this name for himself and everyone was afraid I would be like him.

Most of the time people say this: Madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin. When a new Targaryen born,the gods toss the coin in the air and the world hold its breath to see how it will land.My father,Aerys Targaryen second of his name King of first men,andals and rhoynars.King of the seven kingdoms protector of westeros.In his first years he was not that much of mad.However,in the later of his reign he starts to become mad because of his paranoia and the whispers he heard.After my birth everyone though that the reign of Targaryens ended but it was just starting.When I was born my fathher and brother fighting against the rebellion of Robert Baratheon they were defeated.For safety of my life loyal kingsguards took me to Essos.Last twenty years I lived an exile life.When I turned 20 I got married.However,it didn’t take long.After the death of my husband.I banished from Dothraki lands.Then my slave life had started.I lived as slave for two years.Then my dragons born.Afterwards lords from Westeros saved me from this situation.Subsequently,I started recruiting an army.For conquer whole westeros like my ancestors.Nevertheless I need to become stronger.I travelled whole Slaver’s bay and liberated greatest three cities(Astapor,Yunkai,Mereen)Many people around me were hopeful.At the same time some of them had a doubt in them.They were afraid that I would become a leader like my father.Even Ser Barriston Selmy said these:he didn’t see any stains on me.But it scares me a little bit.Because everyone knows that Targaryens are dancing at the edge of madness.Eventhough I didn’t feel anything about madness.When my army and fleet are great enough to conquer Westeros I sailed Westeros.However,anything was that much of easy.Because When I step ashore I made a great scare on whole westeros.After that,I need to go beyond the northern wall stop the thread of death army and whitewalkers.However,this travel was the starting of my madness.Because I lost my dragon.After the victory of long night war I started to move kinglanding.But during this period all of my advisors started to betray me one by one.Especially after the death of lord varys(lord of whispers) I started to hear things.It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me.

As a result I conquered whole westeros but I burned whole kingslanding.I was hoping that I’ll become a wise Queen. However I transformed into the monster like my father.It was the expactation of most of the people from a Targaryen.

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