Magic Beans

During most of our lives, we all wait for some things to happen. Sometimes for them to end as soon as possible, sometimes because we look forward to it. But in the end, we pass time to skip some part of our lives.

All in all, life has its good days and also bad ones. Our reflex is to skip in between the incidents whether it is torturing or enlightening. Just like how we skip ads or fast-forward the scenes. It is not beneficial nor damaging from my perspective. On the other hand, my obsession is this being like a circle that does not end even in good times. 

The ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.

As the saying goes, people see the true value of the things when they do not have it anymore. It is utterly painful to see it as a big picture. We are animals who are eating their tails like the ouroboros, in the name of happiness and peace. Waiting, enduring for what? For a holy state of reaching a place where it all worths. 

At some point, I believe we just forget our primary aim and continue the routine we always had. Brainwashed, aimless, boneless and smelly… Moreover, it is to my knowledge that all people claiming to have figured out the way to live including myself are as clueless as to other humans. 

Nonetheless, this does not stop me from making deductions about the perfect life. In my humble opinion, it comes down to expecting everything and nothing. Accepting that not one event changes our lives. If you come to have a mentality like that about something, it is almost certain you will be disappointed or discouraged.


Hence my belief is that every second is bittersweet. To acknowledge that means understanding moments are for moments only, not for a future happening. Waiting is a part of the process yet not the magic beans contrary to popular ideas.

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