Make a Presentation

I was going to college on a rainy day. I’m new to school, it’s been about 2 weeks since I started school. I didn’t have much difficulty because everyone was new like me, but I was the one with the most potential, and it made me a little nervous. Ms. Müge saw my potential and gave me a project assignment. I was very happy until I heard that the project assignment was going to be in front of hundreds of people. In an instant, the happiness turned into tension, but I was confident.

When I got home, my mom and dad were fighting. Both my father and my mother looked very angry. Mpresentation father came out of the house all of a sudden. My mother was feeling very angry, so I was trying to calm my mother. I called my father and asked him to apologize to my mother, and while I was saying this, my mother heard me and her anger exploded at me. She said unbelievable words to me, so I went to my room. After 3 days, I lost my mind that it was a project. I went to bed early that day. When I was going to get up and go to school tomorrow morning, I saw my mother fell asleep in the living room. I took off my cover but I was still angry. At school, Ms. Müge came and asked if I had finished the project. I panicked at once and did not answer Ms. Müge. I came home in the evening with a lot of panic and immediately rushed to my project. My mom saw that I was panicking and called the school to ask if there was anything wrong with the school. When my mother visited my room, I panicked and shouted at my mother, asking her to leave.

Fortunately, I was able to finish the project. tomorrow came, I got dressed nicely, it was time for the presentation. I took the podium to give my speech, accompanied by applause. I was just about to start talking when I saw her in the crowd. It was my father and mother in the crowd, my presentation was over and it went very well, I saw my mother and father there. it was my motivation. I had a nice hug for both of them after the show. We went home together and chatted to the fullest. They talked about your presentation and I was very happy because my family had gathered again.

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