Make-up 2.0

Nowadays most people are trying to invest money in some way. However, they don’t know how to do? Thanks to god I get a big amount of money and know which way I can evaluate.

The day before New year I played the lottery and luck smiled on me.I won two million pounds. For the first, I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. However, sometime later I need to decide what I’m going to this with this money.I made huge research about investment ways. After a while, I find that the best way was to open a cosmetic company. Firstly, I thought that it was absurd but I think again. Practically all actors and women are always buying cosmetics. At the same time,in short term, it will be the best way to invest money. However, there was a great problem. Most cosmetic companies are not cruelty-free and not environmentally friendly.Then I started to make another research about which companies are eco-friendly and I find that Yves rocher is one of the most famous and eco-friendly companies.I find a chance to talk with the CEO of the company. He gave me advice about how did they make the achievement of their company, what they are using in their product, and which methods they are using.During my meeting I asked him some questions.For example;

what sort of materials they are using for their products? He said that:A pioneer in natural skincare and beauty, Mr. Yves Rocher founded the company with the belief that nature will be their guide in producing its products, which are made from plants and approximately 250 natural ingredients locally harvested. To this day, it has been the key to their success.

After I learned which method they are using and harvest style.I opened my own company started to manage my money. However, there was another problem. This problem is Yves rocher is not cruelty free.After this time my own story was starting in here. Firstly I make new methods and what sort of experiments I can use.After five years my company made new methods for cruelty-free and become one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world. After my money investments, I opened my own university in Granada(Spain) just for teaching students both encourage them for make new investments and learn how to use eco-friendly methods.

I believe that with my new investment people can learn to encourage,money investment and what şort of thing are useful for our future. At the same time, I believe that these techniques will make me a pioneer in this

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