“Man-made” Double Standards

What does the word women mean to you? Is the woman your mother,  your teacher, your friend, your daughter or your co-worker? A woman is all of them. With recent updates around the world, reminding the challenges women face is more than necessary. 


What are women rights? Women rights are fundamental rights for a human being to live freely, happily and with ease. This represents protection, a roof over their head, equal opportunities, equal wage and most importantly the right to live. The words cannot describe how painful it is to stand for the most basic right which is the will to live. 137 women across the world are killed by a partner or family member every day. This is what we call a gendercide of the female sex. 

The real question is how did we get here. We got here by unjust, hideous, destructive gender roles. Out of the chute, blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Man will bring money home while the woman takes care of the house chores. Then it turns into men gaining more money for the same position and dominating the CEO, manager jobs. What is more horrible is up next: women getting killed mercilessly, raped, discriminated and bullied. 


Beyond these, we see sexism every single day from brilliant teachers, professors, doctors, friends, parents, partners… The use of language is one of the ways to tell about the psychological effects of the issue. For instance, saying fireman instead of a firefighter. This clearly states that being a firefighter conditions for being a man. These little things we might not care about from time to time creates the mindset we try to overcome. Being angry about the topic is highly understandable if you are not warning people about their sexist comments and their way of thinking.

Art by Deniz Kılıç

As a human being, my only advice to those who did not yet become a murderer is this, rethink the whole issue with reverse genders but the same ideas- believing in the superiority of the male sex. I finish this writing with the hope of never giving up and finally winning.



A letter from a lovely feminist who stands for equality and a fellow peer…

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