Man’s greatest friend is difficulties. Because it’s the challenges that make you stronger.I agree with this idea on the one hand and disagree with it on the other. Why? Because against these challenges, you often have three options: Pass the challenge, escape the challenge, wear an eye patch against the challenge. Gaining or not gaining strength depends on these three options. By choice:) Also according to difficulty.Consider it level by level.The higher the difficulty level, the more power you gain, but as the difficulty level increases, it often triggers and changes its possibilities in the option to choose.Let’s say that if the difficulty level is one (which is the highest), the option to overcome the difficulty loses its reality a little more in the eyes of a person, such as ignoring the problem. of these three options, it makes sense and easy to just run away from the challenge, others become silicate, and this option shines more, and mostly this option is selected.Of course, I will not patch up the right in those who choose these silicified options, because instead of being afraid and running away, they look at the difficulties with their eyes and show a fist against these difficulties and beaten them up whit a pleasure.I respect them.Long story short that it all about the human that encounter these challenges we should wait and see the result by time, if they are gonna gain power or just end up with the same power or less.

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