Many People, Many Advantages

Nowadays, one of the questions that bother people is the population of the countries.  Today I want to share my opinions about this topic.  I’ll be talking about the positive effects of overpopulation.


When we say overpopulation countries like China and India come up to our minds.  Because of the high birth rates they are in this condition now.  But the real question is “Does this condition affect them in a positive way ?”.  Yes, it does.


One of the biggest positive effects of overpopulation is the labor force.  More people are more workers and that means more labor. This labor maintains more products, a better economy and a higher level of well-being. Although many people think that overpopulation has a bad influence on the economy, I think that it can be really useful for the economy if it is used cleverly.  “How so?” you think.  If this more people that we are talking about are well educated, their work and investments can make a lot of money for the government.


Another positive effect is military power.  A country with a large population can have an advantage against those countries that have a smaller population if it is able to organise and discipline that many people.  If the government has enough money to train these people, buy war weapons and organise well its army, it can have a mighty army along with an amazing economy.


Another thing that a country can achieve with a large number of people is a high rate of exportation.  More people means more food necessary, making people produce more food by farming more.  If the country can keep the amount of food needed lower than it produces then it can start exporting the extra food.  As you see, when you talk about the population, agriculture, the economy and the labor affect each other which means, when you have one you can get the other.


In conclusion, overpopulation affects a country in a positive way, answering our question. And don’t forget that it all ends with humans. If a country doesn’t have well educated, loyal people, it has nothing at all.

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