Marked Place

I wake up again for my job what is my income source. I have brushed my teethes and go have my breakfast. I had my breakfast and I dressed and I go out for my job. When I was walk I drop my jacket and I control my cellphone I find a piece of paper. In the paper write a map but this map has a marked place. I look marked place and I saw this place near my house where is forest  . Again marked place was close to my house. What is the inside of marked place?


I equip my equipment my weapon, pocketknife, flashlight, multi-purpose shovel, axe, machete and the more important thing compass. I start a walk to the marked place. I walk walk and walk and I saw a bear and it see me too. It run to me and I take out my machete and I toss to the bear. It  is tossing me too and I go back the bear is come to the me I need to hurt it and I take out my gun and I shot the bear. It is running to his house.


I continue to search marked place. I have saw the death body it is almost 1 hours ago killed by a human. I looked my around and I couldn’t see anything and when I was look my behind I saw a guy who is running and laughing. I take off my weapon and search the area. I found the marked place I start digging the place I saw death body, human organs, bones and lots of golds I took the golds and I escape from place. I saw a thing and I freeze. A guy looking at me and laughing. He is naked he is running to me, again I took of my gun and shot him from his shoulder. He is fall to the ground and he is suddenly scream.

I killed him and I call police. I explain what is going on here and polices understand me and I show where is the marked place they are said “we’ll look to this body.” I didn’t say the golds and I continue my life and after 1 week polices call me and he is my brother who is the crazy guy…

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