Masked Faces or Masked Thoughts?

  What people say enough proof for you to believe that they are what they said? Does a person’s self-exaltation make him exalted? In my opinion, the answer to this is no, the answers they give to questions about themselves while chatting with a person always happen with shields for protection, these shields hide their true answers. These shields never go completely down, even if they go a little lower in the subject and cases they think they are good at. Then how can we get to know people? 



    By observing them from the outside, not just how they treat us but how they treat other people. What they do when they think no one is around is their true personality, or what they do when they think no one around knows who they are. That’s why thieves wear masks, it’s called the power of anonymity. Wrapping your identity with shields completely lowers the shields of the right answers. 



The most honest conversation you can have with someone is when you both wear masks. The important thing here is to put the mask on your face, not your thoughts. Hiding your face reveals your personality, and the confidence of being anonymous pushes you to the truth. To give a real-life example, I can give Quora, it’s an anonymous-online chat application. In this application, since people know that they are anonymous, they can comfortably talk about the behaviors that they will be judged or even punished if they speak out or take action in real life. So mask to face equals honesty. 



What matters is not what you say, but what you do. What matters is not what you say without your mask, but what you confess with your mask. The important thing is to be able to talk like a mask without wearing a mask. The important thing is not what you want to be, but what you are. Long story short, as Oscar Wilde, said “give a man a mask and he will show his true face” 

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