Humans are one of the most complicated creatures of the universe. Even tho we can speak we cannot tell our feelings or our thoughts. Not even to people but to ourselves too.

Language as we call it is something people are using to communicate with each other. We are doing it in the best way we can but of course, we are not doing it right. We are constantly telling lies. They are not even about people they are about us mostly. If a person is telling you that they never lie. Trust me it’s a lie. We try to pretend like someone else or make our lives look like it is perfect. It’s not. But we don’t care about it. All we care about is for people to like us, and appreciate us. So we put on masks. Every person has a couple of masks. The ones for school, work, friends, home, and relationships. Everywhere which has people in it. Including yourself. So who is it that we are running from? Why do we need to hide? Who do we need to hide? The list starts with you.

We all have insecurities. Things that we don’t want. Or mainly the things we don’t want to think about and following the thinking-feelings. Neither of us likes to admit our true feelings about a situation. It doesn’t matter which situation it is. If it’s something that makes you really happy you chose not to show it. Because you are afraid that you might actually love it that much or to people to judge you why you like it so much. It is the same for the hate. You don’t show it to yourself because deep inside you feel like you need to like that thing. Or the other way. Maybe the people around you like them so you act as you do so people won’t judge you. You won’t be feeling left alone. But you do know that you are which hurts you more but you hide it well with another mask. Shocking right.

All that masks are ours and sometimes they are the only ones that make us us. So when you talk about your own identity, you are likely to be yourself but sometimes you will only tell the truth if you are given a mask. It’s only sometimes that you need to take off that mask to search for yourself.

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