Maturity- Coming With Age

What makes a person a human is never the date of birth, which is written in their ID. Age is not the factor that adds life to a person, and it will never be, as it has never been. Unfortunately, nowadays we have made it a very common thing to categorize people according to their age and treat them according to it. Everyone has got the perception that we can never get along if we’re not quite the same age. I think that’s why people are sometimes treated unfairly. Maybe you’re pushing a person you can certainly get along with and have a good time with away from you because of your prejudices since they are younger than you. Of course, this is not the case for everyone, there are also those exceptions who are old and have never been mature. But the number of people whose age is young and shows great maturity cannot be underestimated. Nonetheless, it is debatable whether this is a good thing or not.

I would like to be 18-19 right now because when you’re a minor, you can do a lot of things by yourself with your free will. At least you can drive, and you have the opportunity to earn your own money. In some ways, it puts more of a burden on your back, but I think these are the best ages we’ll have for fun. But when I think about it from another point of view, I could also say that I would love to be 27-28 years old since probably work life will become clearer, career planning will begin to be put into practice. At the same time, the physical strength of your body will be at its maximum yet the brain will still be going the extra mile. Also, I would never turn down a lesson learned from life experience.

The question ‘At what age would you like to be now ?” would be answered by the elders like “I wish I could go back to when I was 5.”, while the children will say that they want to become an adult, just because everyone wants what they don’t have. However, every stage of life is worth living and is appealing, despite every obstacle you will face with. In other words, every age has its beauty and characteristics. Although I believe the main thing is not age, and as I said, it’s how old you feel.

In conclusion, what I’m trying to say is that age and maturity are two very different concepts that should not be confused. On contrary to what everyone thinks, It’s not a bad thing to get old, because ‘Getting older is the art of taking time.’ And we can’t get wise without getting old. The age at which everyone wants to return -or move forward- can be divergent, simply because of their past experiences.

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