May Fest

This year in our school we are going to have a spring fest on 24th of the May. Since weather conditions become better day by day and since we have been looking forward to summer to come we had decided to have an enjoyable activity with all students.

On 24th of the may, weather forecast shows that weather is sunny so we can have an outdoor activity. We booked a place near Incek so it can be easy for students for transportation. A massive stage will be set up and small cushions will be put on the ground. Near the stage there will be lots of booths for students in case they want to buy something like foods or souvenirs. There will be special areas for students to eat snacks. Moreover, free lemonade and   freshly baked cookies will be given to our students.

We have some special spots for students to dance, if they want they can make just dance via x-box. A famous dance instructor will came and teach some dance movements to students in that area. So anyone who is interested in dancing will have a chance to learn new aspects of it.

Our festival starts about 13.00 o clock. Opening speech will be made by schools’ principal. Afterwards we will start competitions and anyone who wants to attend can join us. The winner of the competition will have a chance to meet with famous singers at the backstage.

About 16.00 o clock we will have a water fight, water guns will be given to the students.  Students can fill their water gun with water near cafeteria. There will be some special places for them where they can find water. Since everyone will attend to water fight they probably will have gotten wet. Therefore, we recommend students to bring extra clothes within them.

Our school band will perform mini concert for us about 18.00 and ,the most gripping part for music lovers, we arranged some famous singers and they  accepted to come to our festival. We will have two concerts. About 20.00 o clock famous rap singer will have a performance and about 21.00 rock band’s performance will start.


We planned to give powder dyes for students so they can have fun with them. All those dyes are made with natural ingredients so it won’t be harmful for them. Our festival will be like holi fest with those dyes. We will have spectacular colorful photo shots and have fun at the same time.


Last but not least, famous tattoo artist will come to our school you have a chance to have temporary tattoo and social media influencer will have a speech  at 15.00 o clock. She has some tips for students to make them more motivated about their future.


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