Maybe It’s Good

<<Democracies lose to populism>>Socrates told that Plato and other philosophers, will always be the same, they will be the same in the future. One of them came out and said, << Democracies allow people to reach their way of life in the best way >>. Plato is against this saying << But if there is democracy in a place, people live what they believe, in short, they live there at the top and bottom >> and adding << people governing themselves if they came with democracy, ignorant people, the majority of the current world, according to who does what, according to what will rain. It is not about how the candidates manage the electoral policy according to populism, how much they will raise their voices>> he said.

The people and philosophers who were there were divided. There was almost half a disagreement. While everyone was arguing among themselves for a while, Socrates suddenly intervened and silenced everyone, and continued to explain his ideas. <<There is nothing more dangerous than having an opinion without the knowledge of people who have not read a single book in their illiterate life.>> the moment a man said, a man appeared. He jumped off and said that what Socrates had said was all nonsense, and again an argument flared up.

Socrates realized that this discussion would not end, Socrates and Plato went out unnoticed while there was chaos in the hall. They drove to a beautiful wooded area without speaking on the way as if they both knew what they were doing. Finally, they came to a wooded area and Socrates began to speak, “We’re talking this much here, but what do you think will happen next? >> said, Socrates. In Plato, we will stay with what we speak, of course, even if there are people who listen to us, there will be a democracy, great revolutions with the awakening of the peoples and their demand for rights in the administration. This will be bad for all kings, but I can’t make a prediction for the people. The room corresponds to ignorance to the same subject again>> said. Socrates nodded in agreement. Years passed, and strangely enough, what these two men said was exactly the same. There was a revolution without the French, and the kingdoms were replaced by democracy. Many new order Feodel systems evolved into other forms. It happens to that country that no longer speculates on the best but the best media and the ignorant people still thought it was freedom for them. Now they were free, to work for their new king for a lifetime of 3 cents.

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