Maybe Thoughts

The feeling of guilt. This is what keeps people from doing what they want. Because we’ve been thought from the moment we’re born into this world that we have to be harmonious and silent against the law or rule even though it is unfair or wrong and if you are not compatible enough you are the odd one, you are the lonely, guilty, weird, excluded, too loud, too shy, idiot, the boring one…

Don’t get me wrong of course sometimes doing something according to what people would think is helpful and good. This is how etiquette is invented. But we should not be limited with these. Yes, there are some needed etiquette but other than that it is just catastrophic. The pressure that is put onto people can be very harmful. For example it can lead to depression, anxiety etc. And these are mental illnesses that are very hard to overcome.

Think that you are with a group of people and there is a song playing in the background and you want to sing to that song but you are afraid that they will judge you so you don’t. This is a very simple example and even though it seems very invalid, things like these are the start of everything. There are a lot of people around the world that live everything inside them. When they are sad, they smile, when they are bored, they smile, when they are angry, they smile because they don’t want to seem weird in front of anyone. But feelings and the need to do weird or unusal things are in peoples natures so restricting these natural things that are supposed to be done by a human, by a human would be self-destruct. 

In conclusion we should not limit ourselves by these ridiculous thoughts that “maybe” occur in peoples minds. 

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