If I was the mayor of the place that I live what would I do different from other mayors? I would do so many changes and additions because I believe that people should live in a place that they have fun. Fun is not something that only children can have; everyone can have fun and having fun is not just going to parties or fun clubs. An environment full of your friends or some fun activities can cheer you up. There should be fun at places that people work or live otherwise people would be bored and they would start to lose their energy. So, most of my changes in the city that I’m mayor of. I would add some fun activities, I would add some fun parks, parkour parks, huge markets, big pools, fun clubs and so many sport centers. And most importantly I would make as many as internet cafe (with the best computers because kids should play with best computers). I know that all these makes a lot of money but my citizens should be happy to live there.

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