Meeting a Celebrity

Today I’m writing you with a lot of joy and hapiness because I have met the best person alive, I think you already guessed who. Charlie Puth my favorite celebrity, you know that, of that competition. 

I remember the first time that I sent the request letter I was very excited and nervous done they sent me a letter back that said “you are chosen” I went to the competition and compete with 10 more people to sing better. they chose me! I won and I got to meet with him and work with him. The meeting at first Was a little nervous but after 10 minutes he and I were like friends he showed me his perfect pitch and I hanged on every word he said. After the meeting he gave me his phone number and he promised me with a single collaboration.  

I was never this happy in my life when I went to home, I was feeling very tired so I slept directly now I woke up and writing to you how have you been is there any news write me back see you. 

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