I would like to be in Messi’s place. If I were Messi, I would do the following:

First thing in the morning, when I wake up, I would brush my teeth, wash my face and have my breakfast. I would go to training and meet my best friends Neymar and Mbappe after the training. I would eat my dinner and look at the match calendar before going to bed.

Today was the Champions League semi-final match. After I had my breakfast, I went to the game. Unfortunately, we lost 2-1 against Liverpool in the match. A day later there was the semi-final rematch and I was very scared. We beat the match 3-1 and reached the finals, I scored both goals. In the finals, the opponent was Atletico Madrid. Before the final match, Neymar was injured in training. While 90 minutes was going to end 1-1, I scored at the last second and we beat the final with 2-1. Everyone on the team was very happy. Before I quit football, I got the “Football Player of the Year” award and quit football and lived my life well.

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