As technology develops, there are numerous ways discovered with it. One of the created ways is a digital life program which is nowadays called metaverse. In this universe, people can live in social media programs but also in 3 dimensional like we see in the movies and dream about living in the future. Firstly, metaverse came into our lives by Facebook changing their name as Meta, and day after day, investors start to buy lands from the metaverse. But if the things we dream about happen, will it cause troubles that we scare?

Taking a role in a virtual system has advantageous sides, conversely, there are still possible risks that can even end humanity. Subsequently, surviving in a virtual society is like surviving in normal life, for instance, you can trade by using online money units like bitcoin. Furthermore, the real estate system is also similar if we compare it with real-world so you have to consult the seller and agree on a price that you can pay digitally.

Although living in a virtual society sounds really amazing for the majority, we could not negotiate the detrimental effects of social media. Scientists proved that social media leads people through sadness, laziness, and addiction. As a result of these facts, how can we come up with an idea that supports the idea of improving metaverse?

As an example, we all grew up with matrix and its well-rated film. When we took it for reference, we observe that the damage we got cannot reflect in real life but the damage we got from real life can end our life. Additionally, the rate of addiction will increase dramatically without any doubt.

Overall, 40 percent of U.S. online users aged eighteen to twenty-two years reported feeling addicted to social media. (

In my perspective, people need to concur at the possible anger that we can face via passing on metaverse. If today’s doctors complain much about technological devices because they lead to numerous eye diseases, how can we get ready for the life in which we live with screens? Plus, the number of swindlers on the internet is very high and we cannot estimate how many security vulnerabilities will open?

Consequently, the development and progress in technology are unbelievable but since we could not know the progressing time, we should wait the true time to introduce metaverse because there would be many unconscious users who are enthusiastic about the topic. Last but not least, over-dependence on the metaverse can doom humanity from its current life to a human-made world. And since it is a perfect being, even if it was not a mistake when it first emerged, humanity can receive very serious irreversible blows with a mistake that may occur in the next periods.

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