Nowadays most of the famous people are talking about making universe which is internet based.This might seem interesting but in my point of view this sounds way too absurd.There is real life standing and they choose to make another life.This is a threat to reality.Why is this a threat to reality?Because it is taking us away from the reality to live a fake life under their desire.I mean this is clearly a threat to the reality of that we are living in.And i think they will declare themselves as gods.Dont you think that it will be threathening for the reality?Of course it will be.And the internet based universe cant be the truth itself.The internet itself was found by a human and a human cannot create a reality itself so technically it is impossible.Also i dont think that another life can be created by a mortal creature.But lets assume that meta verse is the truth itself,what would happen?First thingwould happen is the life quality would decrease dramatically.Because you are living with graphics and pixels.And there is no real money that you can touch as well.Secondly there wouldnt be peace in the world.Because the ones who created the meta verse would declare themselves as gods and people would hate it.So in conclusion meta verse isnt the truth.The absolute truth is the life that we are living in.

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