Metaverse is reality

     Augmented reality is  some how present in our lives right now. What more will the metaverse offer humanity than augmented reality? Metaverse has the feature of a common platform that is trying to present many games that work independently in a single universe. Now, the common protocols of this universe are being clarified. In the near future, you will be able to visit a friend living in gta and do joint activities together while living in your own home in the fortine universe. Thanks to the new imaging systems of 3d helmets, you will be able to participate in everything much more realistically. Will be greeted with a very impressive feast visually and audibly and you can almost feel it in their games. So far, everything is focused on entertainment and it seems like we can leave the game whenever we want. But the metaverse is trying to offer humanity another experience. Offers the opportunity to be whatever you want in the metaverse. If you die, it offers the opportunity to try again if you fail, or even to respawn in the character you want. Can’t we do this in the current games?

     Blockchain is capable of being metaverse’s money, notary, contract, deed, bank, etc. The nfts we have just met will be the metaverse equivalent of the objects you have in this world. Sometimes there will be items that belong to you, such as an outfit, bag, make-up, work of art, accessories, etc. When you buy or produce it, it will belong to you in that world and cannot be copied. You will be able to spend the money you earn while working in that world and try to increase your own level in that world.

   Humanity will come to prefer living in this world to live in a universe that appeals to all of its senses. Because the metaverse is much more fun and will offer you the opportunity to be the person you want to be. He won’t need a big house to live in the metaverse. Will be able to live in a small one-room place. A one bedroom house will suffice for most people. Because living alone in the real world will be enough. The metaverse for all other senses will be more attractive to humanity than the real world. Some of the money earned in the metaverse will be used to pay for the physical body and necessary expenses in the real world. All the remaining money will be spent on the metaverse again. When the brain hacking event takes place in full, the brain will have opened the door to the copying process. When you have to leave the metaverse and return to the real world, you, who are a copy of you instead of you, will be able to continue everything from where you left off by acting like you. one day you will ask the water question? Why am I trying to survive in the real world? Why do I do many things like eating, breathing, drinking water, going to the toilet, sleeping, renting, cleaning, etc.? Why should I live in this world when I have a real copy of my brain! many of us will willingly/run away become part of this system. some of us will start working in this universe out of necessity. Inevitably, humanity will choose to transform into a completely digital form and become “immortal”. In the next 20 years, we will continue to see people being isolated from many things in real life but more social in the virtual world, and we will witness more. Humanity is going through a transformation, everything we know will change. and this change will be very fast. So will we be able to escape from this transformation, or will we want to escape?


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