METAVERSE: The New Reality

The word metaverse, first mentioned in Neal Stephenson’s book “Snow Crash” in 1992, consists of the words meta (beyond) and verse (universe) and means beyond the universe. In other words, it is the whole of the online universes formed as a result of the combination of the physical and virtual worlds. An environment where you can travel, have fun and work with your friends.

In fact, this environment has always been in our lives since the invention of games. Starting with World of WarCraft, these virtual universes, including millions of people such as Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, are no longer games. They have their own unique creatures, items and even economies. A year ago, 12 million people attended the Traviss Scott concert in Fortnite online. However, the difference of the metaverse is that it is the common area of universes such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Marvel, DC.

The 2018 American science fiction adventure movie Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg and adapted from the novel of the same name by Ernest Cline, can be said to be the movie that best visualizes the metaverse under the Oasis universe. In the film, it is told about the virtual world where individuals spend their time with their avatars on a daily basis and their efforts to deserve this virtual universe, which is the legacy of its founder, by doing various tasks. For the transition to this environment, users use virtual reality glasses and some experience-enhancing interactive clothing and equipment; just like those being worked on today.

In addition, the people involved in this issue are not limited to players or media companies. The South Korean government announced the metaverse alliance. He encouraged and supported the development of a national virtual and augmented reality platform. In addition, Epic Games, the founder of Fortnite, also put forward the fact that it is no longer a game and is a metaverse in a lawsuit against Apple.

It’s not just a movie we watch like Metaverse Ready Player One or Marvel movies; it will be a virtual reality where we have our own property and belongings and we can carry them from the universe to the universe. In fact, the metaverse will not be a concept contrary to reality, but the reality of which we are apart.

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