Mind Games

We were hiding behind walls. You may be asking from what? Let me answer right away: from the demons. Yes from demons. There are tons of demons outside the walls and we are stuck in this tight place to hide from them. I’m not sure these walls will protect us. There are also soldiers guarding the walls, but they are too frivolous because they rely too much on the walls. Me and my three friends are very curious about the outside world. And we are very angry with the demons who forced us to be imprisoned here.

While I was talking about this, I was sitting against the wall and watching the sky. At that time, my friend Muhammad came to me. “Hey what are you doing?” Before he could say it, a terrible noise came out. It was coming from the wall. At first, we couldn’t understand what was going on. I was extremely scared when I finally realized what was going on. The wall was being destroyed by a giant demon. Everyone was screaming the soldiers were running around. Then that terrible thing happened. The wall had fallen and the demons were rushing in. People were fleeing with all their might, and those who were caught were eaten by demons.

The soldiers were evacuating the survivors to the second district. “What’s the second district?” you may be saying. Let me explain right away: the place we live in consists of three regions. The first, that is, the main area, is surrounded by the Maria wall. the second zone is inside the first and surrounded by the rose wall the third and smallest zone is inside the second and surrounded by the Sinai wall.

When we came to the second district, I was quite tired and fell asleep. when I woke up I was in zone one, I was at home. I was feeling a mixture of surprise and fear. I went outside and looked at the wall. It wasn’t broken, there weren’t any demons outside. It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me.

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