Mind It!

Life is too short to tolerate the people who criticize everything.

  1. About your choices, your lifestyle We have to prevent this, it’s our choices, we should stay away from people who always ask questions like who is doing what where with whom because they just like to talk about other people without looking at themselves, remove such people from your life

Life is too short to tolerate the people who always think the worst situations

2. People who think about the worst situations remove the most negatives from your life they put negative things in your mind in your best moments they are always not happy with something they are constantly told just think that you are going to a beautiful place with them a beautiful garden full of magnificent flowers they look neither at the flowers nor the soil nor the sky excuses the flies and insects wandering around so if you want to be a positive nice-faced person, don’t tolerate such people anymore.

life is too short to tolerate the people who don’t make you happy

3. If you want to be happy, be happy. What other people think or say about you, it’s nobody’s business, it’s your life, it’s you who will live it, don’t follow a path according to what others have chosen for you, make your own choice, otherwise, people will keep choosing things for you, don’t share the ropes with anyone, just hold on tight and say NO! you have to know to say no people who judge you don’t care what they want to care your ideas your road

*Life is too short to mind it just enjoys this world and falls in love.*

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