Mind Of Televisions

After many years of war, people are started to look for some solutions to entertain themselves, and in the year 1923 a Scottish man whose name is John Logie Baird come up with an idea. He invented the first television in the world. After 20 years, there have been developments in science and technology. In the 70s, Televisions became more lightweight and more useful. From the 1980s to 2020, year by year, television become much smaller and smarter. However, as they get smarter, the number of problems that they cause are increased.

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If we look in a more detailed way, the main problem is about the programs that we watch. In early television, there were usually one or two channels. As time passes, more television channels and broadcasting companies are opened. In addition,it became hard to choose suitable programs and people are started to publish indoctrinating programs. In the 1980s, firstly America started to create them, and later, they are also started to show in other countries. However, the main question about them is how and why they are affecting us.

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Firstly, those programs have specific types and each program tells us different things.  In some problems, people are offered to live a rich and wealthy lifestyle. However, the problem is about those programs are the attitude of those rich people. In addition, aggressive behaviors are also shown as normal dialogs. Furthermore, those programs are highlighting materialism. Later on, wedding programs and criminal problems became popular and they watched by millions of people. Those programs are irritating people’s private life and the people are looking for some criteria rather than showing their life. Plus, their behavior isn’t convincing us about their love to each other. Rather than these programs, criminal programs about solving illiterate people’s programs are also harming society. They are telling us that we have to be strong because if we aren’t strong, they are saying that we will die. In addition, when I saw them on television, I get upset about my country.

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In conclusion, I found those programs are killing our emotions privately. Please don’t forget the media’s the most powerful entity in the world. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and  to make the guilty innocent because they control the minds of the masses.







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