I was seven when I was diagnosed with cancer. Well back then I was not sure what really. It was not just because that no one really bothered to tell me what I was gonna go trough too. Till I heard these words my life was perfect…

I only had few months to turn sixteen. Everything was going great. School was the same -boring and exhausting -, medications were doing well and the cells were giving reactions. Lily-my sister- was my only friend. It must have been hard for her that she had a sister who would die. My parents always cared me more than her. I was the center of attention. As expected she got sick of me and stopped talking to me , ignored me. Things suddenly became meaningless.

I was known as the annoying girl in class who knew everything. It was not that I wanted to be perfect, I had time to spend on studies so I knew much of it. Since treatments took a lot of time everyday I brought a book to share with my friends who were sharing the same life with me. They were mostly younger than me except a boy. I never got to meet him. I asked a couple of times but the answers I got was not really satisfying for me. So I went for it and talked to him. At first, he was like a cold stone. Soon he melted his ice wall towards me  and we became close friends. He was hopeless back then but I saw a little spark in him. I never gave up on him neither did he. We were sneaking food into our rooms. Since my medicines were not working anymore, I was staying permenantly in the hospital now. The fort we made on the rooftop was our meeting point. Every night at eight we went up there and talked till the morning. We usually end up falling asleep. One night I waited there for like an hour but he did not appear so I went down to his room and saw my mom talking to his. I knew something was wrong but I just went to the medical room to see if he was there. I was super relieved after seeing him there. He told it took a little longer and there was nothing to worry. Days were passing by super quickly and I was feeling worse and worse. One day he gave me a necklace with our initials on it, then he asked me if I would go to prom with him. We did not have a huge party but every year the hospital organized a party for us to feel normal. I knew he hated those things so I hesitated at first but seeing the sparks in his eyes made me sure that he had hope now.

I could not believe what I just heard. My mom was saying my dad that Josh was taken to the emergency room. I ran as fast as I could and got into the room. The moment that I got in, his heart stopped working. I remember holding him and then crying for hours. When I leaned to the door handle I heard something, something hoarse. Someone was saying my name “Lucy “. I turned back and there he was with his smiling eyes. He started breathing but he was still in a bad condition. I shouted as much as I could. They took me out and locked the door.

It was the morning after the surgery and there were still no news. I was feeling exhausted and dizzy. And then I was in my room. I must have fainted. I stood up and looked around. My necklace was on my bedside table. I immediately turned around and saw his sparkling eyes looking at me. He was there and that was the only thing I could think of.

Yes, he was a miracle but that did not mean he could survive the next time. But we stopped thinking now, we only lived. We went to prom as promised and had the best night. My sister visited me and met Josh. Now she helps us sneak out at weekends too.

Our story did not start that well but now I have a friend that won’t let me go even if I do let go of myself so let’s say we ended well. We don’t know what will come next but we are excited to see it since we can achieve anything that we want. There is no impossible for us until we die. Which we hope it won’t come sone.


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