Mirror Maze

One day, two close friends, Demir and Kaan, decided to participate in a competition. The name of this competition was “Mirror Maze Competition”. Demir and Kaan decided to participate in this competition together. The reason is that they are both childhood friends and they are both interested in mazes. The reason they had a special interest in this competition was that the labyrinth was mirrored. They had never seen such a maze before. Although they knew the normal mazes very well, it never occurred to them that this mirror maze would challenge them.

They obtained permission from their families to participate in the competition and started the process of registering for the competition. It was said that both of them could participate in the competition once the registration process was finished. Both of them were very happy about this. They would be together in a maze they had never seen before. While this was their opinion, when they read the competition rules, they saw that each competitor would compete alone. They would be in the same maze, but they were forbidden to help each other. They were very upset about this situation. The two knew they made a great team together, but they wouldn’t be able to use it in this competition. Later they learned something more important about the competition. The labyrinth is not only mirrored but also has the ability to change direction of its mirrors. They got a little scared, thinking that this was making the job too difficult. It was a fact that this change event made the job very difficult. So they were not wrong. They should have been afraid.

When the day of the competition came, they were both nervous. They had never seen a labyrinth with such features in their lives, and on top of that, they would enter this labyrinth. It was normal for them to be nervous. Their families wished them luck. They looked at each other before entering. They wished each other luck and entered the maze through separate doors. They were now in the labyrinth. It was a little dark around. They could still see, though not clearly. Before starting to move forward, Kaan carefully examined his surroundings. Finding nothing that could help him, he began to move forward. Iron began to advance directly. He was a little more nervous than Kaan. Up to a level they both progressed quite well. Then the labyrinth began to change. The road Kaan wanted to go was closed, instead two different paths were opened. Demir had no choice. There was only one way open for him. The other road was closed. The two of them continued, and they seemed to be right next to each other at some point. They could not come together, but they saw each other through the mirror. The look of Demir towards Kaan made Kaan shudder. If I were to describe the event with Kaan’s words, Kaan would have said exactly this: “For a moment, we came face to face in the mirror. His gaze gave me goosebumps.” Then, when Kaan looked to his left and Demir to his right, they both saw an exit door. So there was no single exit in the labyrinth. When they saw it, the labyrinth began to change. Realizing this, they both sprinted to reach the door at the last second. Everything developed very quickly. They went out and saw each other outside. At that moment, they fainted with excitement. They were at the airport when they woke up. Their families wanted to take a trip abroad with the prize they won from the competition, and they wanted to surprise Demir and Kaan.

After this incident, they felt more courageous. The encounter in the labyrinth right before they finished the labyrinth had also affected them a lot. They would be less afraid from now on. It was the first time they saw such a maze, but they came out of it very well. They also got the prize of the competition, but the real prize for them was that they experienced something like this in their lives. Their families were very proud of this situation.

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